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    I'm grymmjack.

    I'm interested in design, coding, music, and pursuit of all things that tie these disciplines together. I enjoy UI design, sound design, making electronic music for fun(not for profit or fame), and most recently building max for live devices. I use ableton live with max (just started recently with M4L), rewiring in reason 5 and orion. i've been doing computer music since the old days of tracking where I cut my teeth on screamtracker v3.21 for DOS.

    I am the founder of Soundgasm Design ( which is a pet project that I work on when I can on the side.

    I am 36, have a daughter Ella who is 2 and the love of my life, and am married to a beautiful and loving wife. We live in Michigan USA.

    I am a big fan of SonicCharge products, they've never made a single one that I didn't buy and love.

    Thanks for reading!

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    (Test to see if posting works here.)

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    - Meffy wrote:
    (Test to see if posting works here.)

    Hi Meffy :)

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