FEATURE REQ: Pattern Length Independence

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  • konfront tama

    Just stumbled upon Micro this week and I'm absolutely hooked! can't believe i was under a rock for so long! Was also wondering if you've considered making the length independent for each drum? that would make for some interesting permutations in sequencing.

  • konfront tama

    by the same token, i guess making the pattern chaining independent as well. if this is already possible can somebody let me know how it;s done. i fail every time i try to make the snare 32 while every channel else remains 16.

    edit: it would also be awesome if each pattern letter (a-l) could be independently controllable. I.E. panning could be on the left for "a" then changed to the right for "b"

  • Dylan Gadwa

    +1 on this idea! I've been hoping for it this feature for ages as well. In the meantime, I just open several different instances of MT but obviously, it would be much neater to have them all in the same instance of MT.

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