Synplant 1.2 / 2.0 pricing?

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  • amp

    A long time ago it was announced that Synplant 2.0 was going to be a paid update because of new features, and that's totally okay. I've been waiting on purchasing Synplant because native 64-bit processing is a requirement for my setup and now that 1.2 is released I'm not sure what to do.

    Do new customers of 1.2 have to pay the same upgrade pricing to 2.0 as old customers or does buying 1.2 right now as a new customer give you the 2.0 update for free?

    I'm mainly asking because it's fairly common for software developers to offer an upcoming update for free if you purchase the old version within a certain time period.

  • amp

    Any comments? Itching to buy this but would like to know about 2.0 pricing.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for keeping you waiting. Your question is difficult to answer since we are still a long way from releasing Synplant 2.0. We have not decided if it will indeed be a paid upgrade or not. On some previous occasions when people have asked about 64-bit we have said that it will be a free update, but this was before we decided to split the update into a maintenance update (v1.2) and feature upgrade (v2.0).

    This far in Sonic Charge's ten year old history, all upgrades to all products have been free. Synplant 2.0 has however been unusually costly in development. The only thing that I can give you my word on is that if we do decide to make Synplant 2.0 a paid upgrade it will be very cheap for all users, and we will have a certain time window of free updates as you mentioned.

    Sorry again for the late and vague answer. Hope you decide to purchase Synplant anyhow. I am certain that you will not regret it.

  • James Frank

    any hope of Synplant 2 getting released anytime soon?

  • Okto

    I'm in a similar situation: I'd like to buy Synplant to use it as soon as possible... but if 2.0 is released soon after I've bought 1.2 and I need to pay again for the new version, I might be better off to wait for the 2.0 release. (Even though I'd prefer buying it now and starting to use it right away.)

  • Dylan Gadwa

    Happy New Year, gang! Having a lot of fun with Synplant last night and hoping to see version 2 sometime soon with additional MIDI mapping support. Personally, I'm A-OK with paying for this sort of upgrade. Any thoughts on when we might see it?

  • Beepsonore Beep

    avez vs une idee de date sortie environ pour symplant 2.0 avec automation sur les genes,?


  • Tom Mosler

    Part of new GUI?

  • EnochLight

    Before we post our thoughts, where did that come from?

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