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  • alemarquez

    I bought Microtonic 3.0 yesterday and got the key correctly.
    I entered the download link and download Microtonic installer under "Downloads for everyone" plus Microtonic First Decade under "Downloads for Registered Customers"

    The automatic registration seems to be right...

    Is that all?? Just felt estrange the download procedure and not registering or never being asked for the registration key...

  • Fredd€

    Hi, yes that is most likely correct. If you were already logged on to our site, then the Sonic Charge Authenticator will not need you to logon again. To be sure it is registered, just check that your name is displayed in the bottom right corner of the Microtonic GUI.

    I apologize that the email you receive after purchase is still focused around the manual registration key. Once all our products support the online Authenticator, registration keys will only be needed as a backup alternative for offline registration. We will make sure to update our instructions by then.

  • konfront tama

    2nd time i've gotten the dialog that alerted me to of the update to microtonic but all i can find is the demo and buy now option. how do i go about updating? I'm not sure whether sonic charge was the company that i remember which furnishes potential clients with a demo version that is non-registerable: the client has to download another package to purchase.



  • konfront tama

    ignore above. saw the parenthesis under download button. it's all good now.

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