MicroTonic 3.1 MIDI CCs not channelizing in pitched mode (acting like Omni)

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  • Users avatarJohn Piscitello

    DP 8.05, Microtonic 3.1, MAC OSX 10.8.5.

    Using MIDI channels 1-8, pitched MIDI mode.

    Each Microtonic channel correctly receives noteons.

    Assigned CC7 to the "level" knob for every channel. However each knob is beahving like it is in Omni mode.

    For example, CC7 messages on MIDI channel 4 are being received by MIDI channel 3 (and all other channels). You can see the knobs acting as the union of all MIDI CC7 data in all 8 Microtonic-assigned tracks in the DAW.

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