Sonic Charge Authenticator - how to de-authorize computer?

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  • hollowearth


    I am switching to a new computer. I would like to de-authorize my old computer from using Sonic Charge products. How should I proceed?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply. If you simply uninstall the products they will be de-authorized. On PC you can uninstall via the control panel (as you would with any installation). On Mac you can find uninstaller apps under /Applications/Sonic Charge.

    Notice that the online "Authenticator" will not decrease the counter you see on our web-site, but this doesn't matter. This is just an informative counter that shows how many computers in total that have been authorized for your account.

  • Michael Lührig

    Hell there,

    but what if my old windows is unrecoverable because my harddrive was crashed and that was my reason to switch to a newer os (from old xp to win 7 64bit)?

    I have no possibilities to uninstall this product on my old xp anymore...

    Best regards


  • Magnus Lidström

    Then it doesn't matter. We do not impose any restriction to the number of machines you can install on. The only requirement is that you are the one and only user of these machines.

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