Midi mapping question using Launchcontrol

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  • stelvio


    I've just received a Novation Launchcontrol and thought it was a great opportunity to create a little mapping for Microtonic. I've set up Microtonic inside an Ableton drum rack so that I could use the 8 pads on the Launchcontrol to trigger the 8 Microtonic tracks (did this using a useful tutorial by Ski Oakenfull).

    In Midi Config I've selected "Select drum channel with midi notes"... so that the instrument I want to tweak is selected whenever I press a pad. Now let say I assign knob#1 on the Launchcontrol to OSC Freq and I do this 8 times for the 8 Microtonic tracks. I'll be able to tweak the OSC Freq but problem is that it will affects the Freq of each tracks :mellow:

    So my question is:

    is there a way to assign the same knob to the same function (x 8) and have it control only the selected track pressed with a pad.

    I hope I'm clear, English is not my mail language.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Iulian Muresan

    Hello Stelvio. I have the same issue. Have you found a solution?

  • Daniel Crook

    So do I.

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