MicroTonic AU Demo Crashes Logic Pro 9 on Project Bounce

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  • Infinite5ths

    Demoing MicroTonic: Love it so far; but every time I try to bounce a full project to an audio file, the bounce freezes Logic. The bounced output file is created, and sounds fine. Logic stays locked up with the spinning beach ball & the bounce progress bar showing completed. I have to force quit.

    This happens even when MicroTonic is the only plugin on the only track (and a mere 4 bars long!) in the project. Bouce in Place seems to have the same problem.

    I tried switching from Offline to Realtime bounce mode and noticed (in Realtime) that the playhead continues way beyond my project end marker. It appears to continue progressing indefinitely. Is that supposed to happen?

    Any thoughts? I don't want to buy a license and find out this is still a problem.

    OSX 10.9.5
    Logic 9.1.8
    MicroTonic demo downloaded a couple weeks ago
    2012 Macbook Air Core i7, 8GB RAM

    Apogee Duet 2 (also tried bounce with internal sound only)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply and I'm sorry to hear of your problems with Microtonic. I have not been able to reproduce this in Logic 9. I have tried both running it in 32 and 64-bit. I place a single Microtonic in an empty project and bounce to an AIFF file. It works perfectly for me without any freeze up.

    Would it be possible for you to email us a Logic project where this happens to you? Use support@soniccharge.com

  • Infinite5ths

    I figured it out - was waiting for this thread to pop up on the forum so that I could post my troubleshooting results. Turns out it wasn't a crash, but an indefinite bounce...

    MicroTonic Bounce Problem Notes
    If MicroTonic's internal sequencer is running before Bounce, it keeps running at end of the bounce, elongating the bounce process indefinitely (regardless of Logic Pro's project end marker location)
    1) Hit Escape after bounce progress bar has completed
    2) Turn off MT sequencer before bounce, then drag & drop MIDI to host
    3) *Disable "Include Audio Tail*" options in Bounce dialog; set proj end marker AFTER audio tail
    After a little digging, I found this thread, which clued me into the problem and solution:

    PROBLEM SOLVED: So I went ahead and purchased MT a few weeks back and it works very well. If you can solve the bounce problem more elegantly than I have, by all means do. (Perhaps MT should be aware of, and stop at, the Project End marker.) Otherwise, it's not a big issue (now that I know a simple Escape will fix it). It doesn't seem to corrupt or mangle the export/bounce audio - merely extends it for as long as you allow the bounce process to continue running.

    Bounce in Place seems to respond to the Project End marker location. Not sure why it works differently than Bounce

    Thanks for the response!

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