Microtonic Patterns As Ableton Clips

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  • Batu Aksu

    I wonder if there is any possibility to copy the a-b-c-.... patterns on the vst interface to ableton midi clips? It is not a big deal but I got plenty of recorded clips on the vst interface but I want to play them via launchpad controller without opening the vst window.

    PS: Ableton Live 9 & Mac Os (Latest)

  • Magnus Lidström

    There are different ways to accomplish this. The easiest is of course to drag and drop the pattern onto a free clip slot in Live and turn the pattern into a MIDI clip. If you wish to keep the patterns in Microtonic and just use clips to select them you can make single note MIDI clips that trigger specific patterns in Microtonic. This is normally C3 (middle C) and up for pattern A to L.

    Let me know if this is of any help to you.

  • Batu Aksu

    Actually it is pretty useful but let me explain my issue better. I think it is easier to write patterns on microtonic patern section than Ableton midi clip. I want to copy the patterns to Ableton's midi clip files.

    By the way I don't have a big trouble writing midi clips in Ableton's midi section. The thing I really want is that I don't want keys to play patterns but play kick , snare , hh... channels seperately so that I can record the drum loops using my pads. Once I worked this out but I am not able to use pads as channels anymore :)

    Thanks :)

  • Batu Aksu

    Problem solved. I didn't notice that the drag icon can be draggable :) How silly :)

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