hopefully this is the right forum - need help with bitspeek

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  • Luke909

    What am I trying to do?

    I want to voice modulate in real time, over Skype, without using one of the cheesy voice changers that are available.

    I have used a couple different programs that handle Vst extensions, this is a screenshot of Vsthost with Bitspeek.dll embedded/loaded into it.

    (Audio in through microphone, audio out through headset speakers at the moment, just to test -- I can hear myself, everything is working fine with hardware.)

    Bitspeek's 'graphics/red equalizer' in middle of window moves up and down, when I speak but no matter what settings I change on bitspeek and/or vsthost, I can not get my voice to change.

    I do not want to modify a saved .wav file. I do not want to record.

    I want to be able to voice modulate in real time, for a project I am working on. I wrote this in the members forum, since I dropped the money for it. I really want to use this vst!

    Thanks in advance,


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi, that's a tricky routing to be honest. You could easily set it up to take audio in from the microphone (make sure you turn off "Listen to this device" in your windows recording device settings for your Microphone, or you will always hear what the microphone records). Then you need to drive the sound out from Bitspeek to the correct output. Try with a wav file or a different sound source to start with to make sure you have Bitspeek sound out working correctly first.

    Now the tricky part is to get the sound out on a playback device, back into Skype. Unless you have a fancy sound card driver to do this, runs Skype on a different computer or have a loop-back cable from sound out to line in...

    On Mac, I would have said Soundflower right away, but I personally do not know any equivalent on Windows. https://www.google.com/search?q=soundflower+windows But I am sure some googling around can turn up a way to record sound out.

  • Magnus Lidström

    There is this: http://jackaudio.org. Supposedly it can route audio between ASIO applications (like VSTHost), but I haven't tried it myself and I am not sure how / if you can use it to feed audio to Skype.

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