Aphex Twin talks about TX16W and Typhoon

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  • Magnus Lidström

    Haven't read the entire interview yet, but this part caught my eye and brought a big ugly smile to my face that won't go away. I made Typhoon right about the time I first heard his stuff (91-93). I didn't recognize his name when he bought it, but he wrote to me with some support question once. My reply was very late and we never got in touch again. I could never have imagined that 20+ years later he would still use it. (I wonder if he knows about Cyclone.)

    From http://noyzelab.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/syrobonkers-part1.html :

    tx16w is is my fave sampler&ensoniq mirage, tx has to have typhoon o.s though. love the workflow, sep processor for the filters :)
    its like a dx7 but with a sampler, in terms of the envelopes, uberultra snappy, can make kicks from sine waves etc,
    has so many good functions, i can use mine so quickly now, that typhoon is a work of art.
    esp using midi keyboard/controllers to operate it e.g. using midi note numbers for entering alpha character names,modulation wheel 4 data entry etc etc, hardly anyone does that..such an oversight.


    Also, from Part 2:

    rich: still havnt found it, its here somewhere, i hope. tht bitspeak plugin i was tellin u about is Vgood, im sure loads of people will jump on that .
  • Earth Stink

    what does he mean its like a dx7 with a sampler? been wondering ever since...

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