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    Dear Mictronic Team and all users

    You know what would be an extremly usefull function in future developements?

    Sometimes there is the problem that a certain element might sound great when hearing it isolated. Then after choosing and inserting it into the track the element doens't fit anymore. Searching for a different element of the same kind might be very slow and inconvenient when always having to open the preset browsing window.

    Now my suggestion: Make a replace button for each track. If the button is pushed microtonic will replace a certain element with an element of the same type from the same folder you took the actual element from. (for example replacing the actual snare drum with another snare drum by random)

    So it would be easy with one click to scroll through different snares for example until you found the right one that fits into the project in a very fast and easy way.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion to this suggestion?

    Best wishes


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