Site showing MicroTonic activated on 3 computers?

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  • Blattacker

    Just wondering if it will end up being a problem. MicroTonic has been installed only on one computer, but on three different hard drives, since I've had a lot of problems with hard drives failing. I can definitely assure that none of the other two installed versions are being used as the hard drives that they are/were on are sitting in my computer desk drawer completely disassembled (to the point where the actual platters are roaming about all willy nilly in the drawer).

    Basically, I just wanted to know how many more times I'll be allowed to install on new hard drives, because the site makes it sound like I'm nearing that limit.

  • Fredd€

    No problems, under normal use (and bear in mind you are allowed to install on any number of computers that you own) you will not hit a limit. We count and show the number of installations for you to detect if your registration has been stolen and for our system to monitor excessive installations that could be in violation of the license terms.

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