Script/Feature Request for re-assigning sounds to channels

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  • Jeremy Coubrough


    I would love it if there was a way of easily re-assigning the sounds in each of the 8 slots.

    Not replacing them with sounds from other patches, but just changing the order, so you snare drum might now play the hi-hat rhythm, and your bass drum might play the snare drum rhythm, etc.

    (1=>6, 4=>2, 6=>7 etc)

    I have found ways of doing this by changing the midi channels, but it's very laborious and messy to automate.

    I have also searched for midi-channel matrix plugins, but with no success.

    I know I shouldn't say this as a non-coder, but I expect it's a fairly simple thing to make as a script? :rolleyes:

    Any help or suggestions are very welcome.

    I should add, that I'm not using Microtonic's internal sequencer.


  • Ariel Gilboa

    I would like that very much, too !

  • Magnus Lidström

    This should definitely be possible with a script. But please tell me, do you want to shuffle the channels randomly or do you want to specify an exact order?

    (One could accommodate both actually. Give the user a dialog with the new order and have it randomized by default.)

  • Jeremy Coubrough

    Cool, thanks for getting back.

    Well, both would be great :)

    But I'm happy with either option also!

  • Magnus Lidström

    Btw, do you know it is possible to drag the channels in the matrix editor (the one you open with the little ^ button on the right-hand side). Once there, click and drag the channel numbers to the right. It does however also move pattern notes, but since you are not using the built-in pattern engine, perhaps this is sufficient for your needs?

  • Jeremy Coubrough

    Sorry for the late reply,

    No, I didn't know that (although I suspected there was a clever workaround somewhere :)

    It's a little confusing, but it works.

    I could get by with this, but a script would be nice if there's any time at some point.


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