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  • Cory Hill


    I just registered 2 products... and in the bottom left hand corner

    it said that I was using my products on 3 different computers. I have

    just installed Microtonic and Perum8 and thats all I have installed.

    The other computer I had them installed on.... is no longer working.

    I hope I'm not in trouble?

    Take care,


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey there. No you are not in trouble. The counter does not reset but since you are allowed to install on any number of computers that you own, it is there just for you to keep track and make sure no one has gotten hold of your licenses.

  • David Baker

    So... if, for instance, I reformatted a drive that I had previously installed and authorized and therefore can no longer de-authorize, it's not a big deal? I've installed these plugs twice now and I probably want to do two more machines. All the machines are mine and used by me.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Exactly, no worries. The counted installations never reset, it just keeps going, but you have no hard upper limit to worry about. We show this number for you so that you can react if it would say something like 50 all of a sudden and you have no clue why, then we can investigate if your account has been compromised somehow.

    As you mention yourself, the machines are owned and used by you, then you are within our license terms and can relax.

  • Rafael Kasinski

    Hello, lads. I just read the thread, as the Authenticator told me I have stuff authorized on two computers. So, to follow Mr. Lidström's lead:

    I have only one computer, and it seems odd that two should contain authorizations. Is there a chance my account has been compromised?


  • Fredrik Lidström

    You computer might actually change the unique identifier that we use. It can happen if you upgrade your OS or change the hardware significantly. In your case I have one ID back in 2014-12-18 and a new one today. So if you installed back in December, it's totally your computer as there is no overlap. =)

  • Klemperer

    Interesting, and good to know. Just installing the plugins again to add the Echobode demo today gave me the "2 computers" - the only thing I had changed was upgrading windows from 8 to 8.1 between those 2 times running the installer, like you explained above. My, Echobode is wonderful :).

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