Permut8 will not output right in FLStudio

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  • Mandos

    Dear SonicCharge-Support,

    I just recently bought the Complete-Bundle and I am really fond of the sound of every instance. Very good job.

    But allthough everything sounds fine in FLStudio while composing and setting virtual gear up, I cannot seem to export correctly. Namely the Permut8 plugin outputs only a crackling "noisy" hiss sound and fails to distort or handle the sound as configurred and prelistend in FLStudio. I noticed that it mainly does this when rendering in "Song" mode. When set to pattern it does everything correctly.

    I attached 3 files to demonstrate the cause. File one is microtonic with beats only (clean). File 2 is same but with permut8 on the masterchannel in songmode. File 3 would be the exported pattern with permut8 on the masterchannel.

    I wonder if you have a fix for this or if this is an unknown and "my system only" problem?

    Thank you very much for your time and your response in advance.

    Cheers from Hamburg (germany)
    Clemens Richardson

  • Magnus Lidström

    Strange. I cannot reproduce this with a simple project having one Microtonic, one Permut8 and some automation. Songs render to wav fine. Would it be possible for you to send us an FL Studio project that exhibits this behavior? Either attach in a reply here or email to

  • Mandos

    Thank you very much for getting back to me so fast.

    I have attached the FLStudio .flp.

    I noticed I failed to provide you some details to my system:
    I have an RME Firewire 400 external Soundcard with recent drivers
    FLStudio is version 11
    PC Hardware is i7 Intel, 30 GB Ram, Win7 64bit Ultimate

  • Magnus Lidström

    Trying to open that file in v11.1.1 I get "An error occurred while reading the FLP file. It may be corrupted, or some plugin caused an error while opening.". :(

    Can you please double-check by downloading and extracting the .7z yourself?

  • Mandos

    Hey Magnus happy new year!

    You are right something went utterly wrong. Sorry for that.
    This file should work. At least it does before uploading. Double checked this time ;)

    Cheers Clemens

  • Mandos

    Anything new on this subject?

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