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  • André Schürmann


    at first of all many thanks for providing us with these all free updates. After installing Microtonic update i got the hint that i have authorized Microtonic on 6 Maschines. In fact i have only one copy of microtonic intalled on one Computer. Is it possible to delete the other 5 from my account?

    Many Thanks and a happy new Year!


  • Fredrik Lidström

    If you change computer, hardware, hardware configuration and even compatibility mode (on windows), it will count as a new computer. As you are allowed to install our products on any number of computers that you own, there is no need to worry. We only count and show the number of installations for you to detect if your registration has been stolen and for our system to monitor excessive installations that could be a shared or spread license.

  • André Schürmann

    Ah... Ok. I see.

    Many Thanks!

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