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  • Soundsniper

    How can I get the synplant initial preset each time i open a new synplant instrument ( the preset shown in the video ) ? How can I start with it ?

  • New Loops

    over 3 years no reply??!! I need to know too

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Synplant will load the last used patch by default. Not entirely sure why you would want to load the Init patch every time? But you can find the Elem Init.synp patch in the Elemental folder. I think it is possible in some DAWs to save the instrument and patch as a preset that you can reuse.

  • New Loops

    Ok thank you. Btw, it is normal for people to want an initial patch, especially for sound design. Most synths have this option in the menu.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Ah, yes. Synplant is not like other synths, it's the total surprise machine. 🤪

    We have this menu option in our other products, but with Synplant we focused on the non-conventional way of exploring sounds with the seed and branches randomization options. For those that design Synplant patches using the DNA editor, I can see how you would want to start from an init preset.

  • New Loops

    Yes, this is exactly it. Although I find the best way is the random seed generation, sometimes it's nice to start with a sawtooth and go from there. Btw, Synplant is one of the best sounding synths out there! Please, please, please make Synplant 2 automatable with mod matrix and more effects and oscillators. :)

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