is it possible to upgrade from single licenses to the bundle?

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  • Chris Allen

    i own Synplant, Microtoniq and Bitspeek. Would like to add Echobode + Permut8 to my Sonic Charge products

    is it possible to "upgrade to the bundle" somehow?

    many thanks, Chris

  • Fredrik Lidström

    The bundle price is exclusive to the bundle. But as we have not always had a bundle, depending on which products you bought and when you bought it, we can perhaps arrange something. I will check your account and contact you by email.

  • Mads Martinsen

    I own everything except Echobode, and i'm also interested in any "special deal" for a bundle upgrade.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    As an owner of one or several of our products you already have the best deal for Echobode through the 25% Sonic Charge loyalty discount. Let me know if you did not get that email offer.

  • Y()Rhead

    I own Microtoniq only, if there's any possible arrangement for a total bundle deal please email me.

    Best Regards

  • Ryan Meursing

    Count me in!

  • Phil Mills

    Hi Frederik, a similar question here… I own everything except for Bitspeak. Can I move to the bundle rather than having to buy that as well?

  • Jean-Francois Beauchef

    Hi Fredrik, I bought MicroTonic ages ago. Could I upgrade to the bundle? Let me know. Thanks.

  • Mikael Berglund

    Same here. MicroTonic only looking for a total bundle also. Echobode sounds amazing.

  • Pro.Tone

    Yes, same here...Old MT user with potential for some upgrades ;-)

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