Looking for MicroTonic Automap template

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  • (noou)

    Hello, I searched the Internet, but I couldn't find a ready-made Automap template for use with MicroTonic. Anybody made one and wants to share?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Dave

    I saw one on the novation site yesterday… haven't tried it though

  • (noou)

    Hi Dave, if you mean this one http://d19ulaff0trnck.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/library_files/MicroTonic_0.zip
    it's a MIDI map for the Remote SL controller. No automap though.

    Apparently I will have to make a template myself ;)
    I doesn't look like an easy job, since there are tons of controls to map! I plan to make a template for the Remote SL series and I'll share it here and on the Novation website.

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