"Thank you for the Music!"

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  • Nils-Erik Johansson

    Hello there!

    Im born 1972, lives in a red house with white corners in a little town called Boden not that far away from the arctic circle together with my wife and two kids. I have made music since i was 16 and the reason for that is that i got a bloody Roland D-20 instead of a moped or an Amiga 500. One thing lead to another and i bought myself an Atari ST with Cubase and started to make music and dj:ing, because back then it wasn´t cool, it was the proper thing to do for a nerd. :)

    The older i grew, the more money i earned, the more hardware i bought, the lesser music i produced and then around the year of 1999, at the top of my mountain of hardware instruments with TR-909, SH-101, a lot of samplers, synths etc Propellerhead Software showed Reason 1.0.

    That moment actually changed my musical life. I started to sell everything i had bought in hardware and all of a sudden, i started to make music, and even music that i thought was good but nothing that i played for someone. I converted to Apple 2003 and then i also stopped using warez. I upgraded my Cubase to SX1 -> SX2 -> SX3 and then i sold Cubase and went to Logic 7 just because it had so much plugins and because Cubase wasn´t that great on the G5. I then started to get more and more plugins, and made lesser and lesser music and the history was repeating itself once again. I upgraded my Reason license to 2 - 2.5 - 3 and one year after everybody else to version 4.

    I read some review of Microtonic and thought "Cool, a plug that is cheap, a plug that is Swedish, a plug made by the guy who made Malström AND Typhoon, the mythical operating system for my, since many years before that, dead Sampler TX16W". I gotta buy it now! The problem was that it was for W I N D O W S only and also VST. WTF?!?

    Well, i made lesser and lesser music with Logic and then, i don´t remember what year, i saw that the Tin Tonic edition of Microtonic was on a Christmas sale so i convinced my wife that i needed that for a Christmas present and i ordered it as the only present i really liked that year. When i got it it became some sort of vitamin injection for my music production. I started to use MT in Logic and Reason rewired and instead of just 8 bar loops, i started to make music. Music that i actually let anyone else listen to.

    Since that day i have been inspired by Microtonic and also Synplant. These two synths is the only Reason i don´t use 100% Propellerhead products when making music. Microtonic and Synplant have given me so much musically inspiration so to phrase ABBA, another Swedish brand:

    "Thank you for the Music!"

    Well, i really love those products so words are not enough. Thanks once again!

    /Nisse aka Funky Atom aka Abstract Assassinator
    ( aka sounds cool btw ;) )

  • Koshdukai

    Awesome read, Nisse!

    10 years later... With Reason capable of hosting uTonic+Synplant, did you switch over completely or are you now using Reason as a VST?

    Just curious :)

    And thank you for sharing your wonderful music making story!

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