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    Dear Magnus,

    I'd like to map my Novation Remote SL mk2 controller to uTonic and I found a major issue: the drum pads in the Pattern Edit Lanes don't output anything to the DAW, so I cannot map them via the Automap feature.
    If possible, that would be great, since the current pattern would be reflected as lit-up buttons on the controller.
    Any chance to implement that?

    Of course I can MIDI map them (in input only) from using the Remote as a standard MIDI controller, however in this way a just loaded pattern wouldn't be reflected by the controller's backlit buttons (or any other controller capable of feedback, such as the Lemur or TouchOSC).

    Please help!

  • (noou)

    ...really nothing to say? :(

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the very long delay. I've been meaning to check up on this but didn't find time until now. I have now verified that the step buttons do output MIDI CC as they should in the latest Microtonic. Here is a video to demonstrate this:

    MIDI CC From Step Buttons.mp4

    In this video I simply route MIDI output from Microtonic to another track for recording. I'm not sure exactly if and how that would work with your DAW and controller as I do not have a Novation Remote to test with, but the button state information is being sent anyhow.

    Btw, don't know if you've seen this, but here is a guy who has truly gone the extra mile with MIDI mapping of Microtonic:

    YouTube Video
  • (noou)

    Thanks Magnus!
    Now I see why I can't make it work: Automap doesn't recognize CC but VST parameters. Since pads state is not among the VST parameters, Automap can't sense anything...
    I'll try to figure out another solution.

    Indeed the Lemur version seems great! Probably worth buying the app just for that!

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