FR: morph for individual drum channels

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  • Shelby Edwards

    I absolutely love the morphing feature. However, more often than not, I don't want to morph the entire kit. It's just usually a little too wild for what I have in mind.

    If there was a per channel slider for morphing, it would be amazing. Also, I frequently thought it would be really great to be able to modulate morphing by velocity. That would be fantastic, and put microtonic even further into its own league IMO.


  • Collett Andrew

    You can do this by copying the drum track (say Kick drum} at the left of the morph slider, move the slider to the right and paste, now your kick drum remains unchanged. Think of the possibilities :)

  • Shelby Edwards

    just wanna bump this. I think it's a great idea. ;)

  • Akod

    Obviously, it would necessitate some UI grunt work, but I too, think that would be a great improvement to my most used soft drum box, and missed it more than once. :-)

    There are workarounds of course, and you probably already considered it, but may be is it worth to reconsider?

  • Akod

    @Collett Andrew: You can't morph independently different sounds that way.

    And modulate morphing with velocity would definitely be useful...

  • Tom Mosler

    +1000000 for individual morph per drum sound cell.

    Then we would have 8 morph macro knobs for tweaking live and one master morph slider for transforming whole kit. Lovely idea. Please Magnus, we all know you can do it! :)

    For now the only workaround I have is to use several Microtonic instances, one instance per drum sound, but it's messy.

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