FastSpring PayPal payment problem

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  • Micha

    Hi there,

    I tried to order Echobode twice using the PayPal option.
    The first attempt was yesterday and FastSpring did not respond to the form I had to fill in yet.

    A few minutes ago I did a second attempt to order.
    Once again without succes. I again was presented a form to fill in which I did.

    I am a long time PayPal user but never ran into this problem before.

  • Fredd€

    Hi, it looks like your order was flagged as a risk order (fraud). I will contact FastSpring immediately regarding this.

  • Micha

    According to the typical PayPal email PayPal sends out after having succesfully made a transaction for buying products online, I indeed received an email from them (in my case 2 for both transaction attempts).

    Both declare I made a succesfull transaction of $ 39,93 to

    When logged in at PayPal both transactions show up as "authorization - cancelled".

    If you need more information to clear things up please let me know.

  • Fredd€

    Yes it was the FastSpring paranoia filter. I just sent you an email with information how to place your order. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you for contacting us regarding this. I made a new FAQ entry regarding this.

  • Micha

    Order placed successfully.

    Thanks for your excellent customer service Fredrik!

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