Echobode suddenly flashing "disabled"

Kit Ebersbach167 views4 posts
  • Kit Ebersbach

    My new Echobode, after working well for a few days, now is flashing "disabled." I tried re-registering it, but I was prompted that it was already registered. How can I get my echo bode to work again?

    My DAW is DP8.07 on an IntelMac 10.8.5.

  • Magnus Lidström

    "Disabled" flashes when the processing in Echobode is being "bypassed" by the host. I am not familiar with DP8, but could you please check that you haven't by mistake hit some bypass or off-switch?

  • Stephen Falk

    Im having the same problem with DP9...hmmmm..

    and I can assure you disabled is not active, nor is there any automation that should
    be switching it on

  • Magnus Lidström

    When this happens, does Echobode not process the sound going through it?

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