Permut8 Speed Wobble Problem

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  • Jörg Seide

    Hi there,

    since recently i have a Problem when changing the speed of Permut8 while mix is zero. you can hear the audio wobbling even though Permut8 should have no effect while mix is zero, no? i usually did that a lot to change the speed on mix 0 to slow and then bring it up in octaves with the mix going higher. i think i got this problem only since the last version.

    Thanx for advice! (and its obvious that Permut8 is still the best delay in the (1980s) world :)


  • Magnus Lidström

    It is not entirely unexpected because Permut8 has its own built-in latency compensation. When you turn down the clock frequency, the smallest (possible) delay time increases and vice versa. To avoid nasty phase cancellation etc when you mix in the dry signal, Permut8 adds a small delay to the dry signal (as well) with a delay time that is proportional to the clock frequency.

    Although it uses a crossfading technique to avoid too obvious "wobbles", you can still hear some "wobbles" if you change the clock frequency very fast.

    It's been like this since v1.0.

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