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  • Taupe

    this is all totally esoteric to me though, could you give a short explanation of what you are doing here please?

  • timbralzoom

    ill try to keep it short.
    -what you see is Reaper & extension (Lua)... called LBX-Stripper...
    -you can create kind a control surface with it..via collecting/ inserting the parameters from the vsts & vstis into Stripper...and tweak dozens of them take snapshot and recall anytime you need by one click..
    this is the main-core part of this setup.
    second important part is NewSonicArts Freestyle ..
    shortly: freestyle gives a workaround to pass 16 program limit of uTonic.
    Freestyle Snapshot system
    (just in case this is not the LBX-Stripper's Snapshot system)
    saves and recalls whole uTonic preset instantly...
    all 23 Freestyle has one uTonic and 128(max) snapshots (uTonic presets actually) inside..
    so 23 x 128 presets ready to use all the time!
    that 23 green buttons at left are Bypass parameters of the Freestyles ..

    in order left to right:
    green buttons = bypass / active
    grey knob = Midi Program Change, switches Freestyle snapshots so the uTonic presets
    green monitor buttons 1 to 8 mute/on/solo (Status) for the 8 audio outputs of per instance
    and pans, gains so on...
    what the setup does?
    its allows me to make a new combinations by mixing uTonic presets & channels via using Stripper's Randomize function.
    plus there is a simple 8 channels FX send matrix to send channels to Fxes randomly or manually..

    sounds a bit complicated i know..
    but i hope make sense.

    this is one of the early tests of same setup ..
    has less parameters and might give you better idea

    YouTube Video
  • Brocken Spectrum

    here is a 4 parts mini jam made using the PO32 among other small things...

    sets by brocken_spectrumpocket-jam-10bit

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video
  • Brocken Spectrum

    Hey you all,

    Here is a new jam caught on tape for more pleasure ^^

    YouTube Video
  • Magnus Lidström

    I rarely find the time to finish songs any more but here is one that I finished recently.

    omicron-5 by malstrom

    The lead is something of a Mike Oldfield pastiche. Lots of notes with some over-the-top bombastic synths and effects to go with that. I don't know what it is exactly. It's not techno anyhow.

  • Hristo Vatev

    - timbralzoom wrote:
    all sounds comes from MT3 nothing extra (except reverb & delay comp. etc. fxes.)
    trying to create kind a random groove generator
    via mixing randomly MT3 presets and channels in hand made matrix ..
    not bad i guess :)
    i am still wishing an extensive preset manager with
    Midi Bank MSB LSB & Program Change support
    something like UHE MFM2 has.. which is great imho.
    hope you like it.
    YouTube Video

    Big fan of Sonic Charge and Reaper here. This MT / LBX Stripper combo blew my mind! Amazing work!!!

  • timbralzoom

    Thank you Hristo :)

  • Sanjuro77

    Hi all - been using a lot of MT & permut8 on my new EP.
    This track (UnN) is a live audiomulch jam with MIDI generative sequencers sending out a note sequence to an instance of u-he ACE for the synth line but then converting those notes to program changes for both MT plus 2 instances of permut8 (one for MT, one for ACE). I messed with the MT script functions live as I went and did a bit of permut8 random button mashing. Did two takes and then edited them together and shortened it all. Great fun!
    Got myself a PO-32 now so I'm going to start experimenting with that now too...

    YouTube Video

    Release blurb: The latest in the now annual ghost cell series. Improvised laptop jams from 2016-2017, all based on various generative techniques, all one take performances. Minimal editing (normally only for length).

    Hope you enjoy!

  • jethrobull

    where-do-we-belong by jethrobull

    This is a track using only SonicCharge plugins and the beautiful Cellspace soundbanks from Ghostwave Audio
    Hope you enjoy.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Trying out some new sounds.

    chroma-key-cruisin by malstrom

  • Randome

    I made a Blade Runner inspired track, not 100% Sonic Charge but all synths sounds (and the watery effect) are from my loved one, the unique and greatest : Synplant

    concours-jvc-50-drone-runner by randomesound

  • Magnus Lidström

    It is not often I get around to complete songs these days and feel happy about them, but here is one.

    helios-descendants by malstrom

    100% our plugins except eq, compression etc that are native Ableton.

  • jethrobull

    This is great! I hear elements of Lorn in there. :)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks. I am a big Lorn fan so that wouldn't be entirely unexpected.

  • toviaj

    nomerer by miusiq

    synplant and microtonic demo versions only

    need help on the mixing

  • Manuel Senfft

    These whole tracks are not my genre, but still I kept on listening to some. Especially the last one: quite nice, haha. I like it when a total different genre, in which I have absolutely no listening experience, still gets me listening. Well done! (=

  • toviaj

    _- Manuel Senfft

    thanks a lot for letting me know ;) microtonic is great for this type of sound

  • Manuel Senfft

    Not the genre which is posted here mainly, but maybe you will still enjoy!? (=

    It's some kind of "hybrid score" sound where I mixed many synth elements with strings and brass. The percussive elements are all Microtonic. It is so much fun working with Microtonic in such a context!

    Listen here:

    Have fun! (=

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Nice sounds. Do you make TV or film scores?  🙂

  • Manuel Senfft

    I scored some indie movie productions years ago. At the moment I mainly produce production music or music and sounds for some other indie projects (radio play, computer game).

    Glad you liked it! (=

  • Tom Mosler

    Allmost all drums in my releases are from Microtonic. This track is from a recent EP:

    sleepless-lucid-mix by sequentek

  • Ber Nada

    Main Drums: Microtonic
    Second Drums: Pocket Operator PO-12

    YouTube Video
  • Brufranco3

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    It is not often I get around to complete songs these days and feel happy about them, but here is one.
    helios-descendants by malstrom
    100% our plugins except eq, compression etc that are native Ableton.

    my favorite track, thanks for sharing ♥

  • Gareth Bennett

    My latest album is using Microtonic soley for the drums. All the Synth parts is the Korg Minilogue XD

  • Gareth Bennett

    PO20 and Microtonic

    YouTube Video
  • Manuel Senfft

    I like this track. I quickly listened to short parts of your other tracks; I like the tune! (=

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