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  • Steven Rutter

    Hey Hey
    I am still running version 3.1.0 and I keep getting pop up telling me there is an upgrade
    Im kinda nervous as I have so many tunes using MicroTonic

    Can you tell me what the latest version is ? and what the update are ?
    Also will I loose any of my libraries ?



  • Magnus Lidström

    The latest is version 3.1.1 and it is entirely safe to upgrade. It is a pure maintenance update with minor bug fixes plus a couple of new buttons in the file browsers to easily jump between user and factory presets. You will never loose any data when you update our plug-ins.

  • Steven Rutter

    Great stuff - thank you
    How can I force it to do the update ? its not asking me anymore :-)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Simply download and run the full installer from http://soniccharge.com/download. You can choose to install and update our entire suite of plug-ins (in case you own several of them) or only Microtonic by clicking the "Individual Plug-ins Installers" headline.

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