Original TX16W Library

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  • teacue

    There are quite a lot of nice disks from the original libraries floating around.
    The last contribution from madtheory added even more disks!
    For completists I would like to share my own library.
    It consists of a quite extensive collection of original sounds that I got in the 80s as I bought several TX16W.
    Much later I picked here and there a few disks more and recently I tried to complete the libraries through internet resources.
    Unfortunately the DBS library is not fully complete and I am still missing 105, 406, 502 and 612.
    I also never could find 029, 031, 032, 036, 037, 038, 039 from the SDYE library.

    The collection consists of 129 disks.

    6 disks from the SDL library
    sdl.zip(7.67MB, 5316 downloads)

    33 disks from the SD YE library
    sdye.zip(35.7MB, 4798 downloads)

    24 disks from the SD-R&D library
    sd.zip(21.4MB, 4460 downloads)

    56 disks from the DBS library
    dbs.zip(56.3MB, 4903 downloads)

    10 disks from the WXTX library
    wxtx.zip(9.49MB, 4536 downloads)

    Zip files contain img in both Yamaha and Cyclone format.

    Notice that there are no disks from the New 76-Disk Sound Library for the TX16W that Yamaha announced in the publication "After Touch" from September 1988. In this magazine Yamaha published a complete list of the 76 disks. I never saw any of these disks but I notice that a lot of them seem to have the same title and content as a lot of disks from the "older" libraries.
    You can find the "After Touch" magazines here:

    Here is a list of the whole collection including the missing disks:

    SDL Library
    SDL 1 Piano1
    SDL 2 Strings1
    SDL 3 Brass1 - Unisson Section
    SDL 4 Choir 1 - Male Female
    SDL 5 Guitar 1 - Electric Guitar Lead
    SDL 6 Bass 1 - Electric Bass Wood Bass

    SD YE Library
    SD 001 YE Set1 (disk 1.2)
    SD 002 YE Set1 (disk 2.2)
    SD 003 YE Set2 (disk 1.2)
    SD 004 YE Set2 (disk 2.2)
    SD 005 YE Drumset 1
    SD 006 YE Sound Effects 1
    SD 007 YE Spacey Keys 1
    SD 008 YE Spacey Keys 2
    SD 009 YE Acoustic Guitars 1
    SD 010 YE Violin Orchestra1
    SD 011 YE Jokey Voices
    SD 012 YE Combi-Set 1
    SD 013 YE Combi-Set 2
    SD 014 YE Syn-Set 1
    SD 015 YE Italian Orchestra Set 3 (disk 1.2)
    SD 016 YE Italian Orchestra Set 3 (disk 2.2)
    SD 017 YE Sax, Brass & Band Set 4 (disk 1.2)
    SD 018 YE Sax, Brass & Band Set 4 (disk 2.2)
    SD 019 YE Live Set 1 (disk 1.4)
    SD 020 YE Live Set 1 (disk 2.4)
    SD 021 YE Live Set 1 (disk 3.4)
    SD 022 YE Live Set 1 (disk 4.4)
    SD 023 YE Electric Guitars Set 4 (disk 1.2)
    SD 024 YE Electric Guitars Set 4 (disk 2.2)
    SD 025 YE Classics 1
    SD 026 YE Combi-Set 3
    SD 027 YE Combi-Set 4
    SD 028 YE Drums & Percussion
    SD 029 YE Choir (missing)
    SD 030 YE Clean Electric Guitars (see the next post for the correct files!)
    SD 031 YE Moog (missing)
    SD 032 YE Power Drums (missing)
    SD 033 YE Orchester
    SD 034 YE Industrial Groove
    SD 035 YE Sax
    SD 036 YE Filter Strings (missing)
    SD 037 YE Combi-Set 5 (missing)
    SD 038 YE Noise Percussion (missing)
    SD 039 YE Organ1 (missing)
    SD 040 YE Spacey Keys 3

    SD - R&D Library
    SD - 001 Acoustic Guitars (disk 1.2)
    SD - 002 Acoustic Guitars (disk 2.2)
    SD - 003 Electric Bass - Fretless & Trebles (disk 1.2)
    SD - 004 Electric Bass - Fretless & Trebles (disk 2.2)
    SD - 005 Synth Group - Various Textures (disk 1.2)
    SD - 006 Synth Group - Various Textures (disk 2.2)
    SD - 007 Drums & Percussion - Electric & Acoustic (disk 1.2)
    SD - 008 Drums & Percussion - Electric & Acoustic (disk 2.2)
    SD - 009 Saxophon Family - Honks, Harmonics & Riffs (disk 1.2)
    SD - 010 Saxophon Family - Honks, Harmonics & Riffs (disk 2.2)
    SD - 011 Demo-Writer - Multi Timbre Workstation (disk 1.2)
    SD - 012 Demo-Writer - Multi Timbre Workstation (disk 2.2)
    SD - 013 Woodwind 1 - Flute & Oboe (disk 1.2)
    SD - 014 Woodwind 1 - Flute & Oboe (disk 2.2)
    SD - 015 Brass
    SD - 016 Woodwind 2 - Clarinet & Sax
    SD - 017 String Ensemble 1 - Mono Violin Quintett (disk 1.2)
    SD - 018 String Ensemble 1 - Mono Violin Quintett (disk 2.2)
    SD - 019 String Ensemble 2 - Mono Cello Trio (disk 1.2)
    SD - 020 String Ensemble 2 - Mono Cello Trio (disk 2.2)
    SD - 021 String Ensemble 3 - Mono VIola Quintett (disk 1.2)
    SD - 022 String Ensemble 3 - Mono VIola Quintett (disk 2.2)
    SD - 023 String Solo 1 - Double Bass Pizz & Bowed (disk 1.2)
    SD - 024 String Solo 1 - Double Bass Pizz & Bowed (disk 2.2)

    DBS Library
    DBS - 101 Keyboard 1 - Piano 2
    DBS - 102 Keyboard 2 - Harpsichord 1
    DBS - 103 Keyboard 3 - Celesta 1
    DBS - 104-a Keyboard 4 - Piano 3
    DBS - 104-b Keyboard 4 - Piano 3
    DBS - 105 Keyboard 5 - Jazz Organ 1 (missing)
    DBS - 106 Keyboard 6 - Rock Organ 1
    DBS - 107 Keyboard 7
    DBS - 201 Strings 2 - 4 Strings Instruments 1
    DBS - 202 Strings 3 - Viola and Violin 1
    DBS - 203 Strings 4 - C. Bass & Cello 1
    DBS - 204 Strings 5 - Tremolo 1
    DBS - 205 Strings 6 - Pizzicato 1
    DBS - 206 Strings 7 - Hit Strings 1
    DBS - 207-a String Section 1
    DBS - 207-b String Section 1
    DBS - 208 String Section 2 - Violin Section 1
    DBS - 209 String Section 3 -Viola Section 1
    DBS - 210 String Section 4 - Cello Sectio - C. Bass Section 1
    DBS - 301 Woodwind 1 - Flute & Piccolo 1
    DBS - 302 Woodwind 2 - Bassoon, English Horn & Oboe 1
    DBS - 303 Woodwind 3 - B. Clarinet 1 & Clarinet 1
    DBS - 304 Brass 2 - Trombone & Trumpet 1
    DBS - 305 Brass 2 - Tuba & Horn 1
    DBS - 306 Brass 4 - Horn Unisson 1
    DBS - 307 Brass 5 - Chord Section 1
    DBS - 308 Sax 1 - Four Saxes 1
    DBS - 309 Sax 2 - Baritone & Tenor 1
    DBS - 310 Sax 3 - Alto & Soprano 1
    DBS - 401 Guitar 2 - E. Guitar Lead 1
    DBS - 402 Guitar 3 - E. Guitar Chord 1
    DBS - 403 Guitar 4 - A. Guitar Lead 1
    DBS - 404 Harp 1 - Scale 1
    DBS - 405 Harp 2 - Phrase 1
    DBS - 406 Guitar 5 (?) (missing)
    DBS - 407 Guitar 6 - Electric Guitar Lead & Distortion
    DBS - 408 Bass 2 - Electric Bass 1 (incl. Chopper)
    DBS - 409 Bass 3 - Electric Bass 2 (incl. Fretless)
    DBS - 501 Choir 2 - Pops Voice (Female) 1
    DBS - 502 (missing)
    DBS - 503 Falsetto
    DBS - 601 Drums 1 - Kit 1
    DBS - 602 Drums 2 - Kit 2
    DBS - 603 Tuned Percussion 1 - Vibraphone 1
    DBS - 604 Tuned Percussion 2 - Marimba 1
    DBS - 605 Tuned Percussion 3 - Glocken 1
    DBS - 606 Tuned Percussion 4 - Timpani & Gong
    DBS - 607 Tuned Percussion 5 - Tubular Bells 1 & Steel Drums 1
    DBS - 608 Percussion 1 - Latin 1
    DBS - 609 Percussion 2 - Wind Chime & Handbell
    DBS - 610 Percussion 3 - Cymbals & Gran Cassa
    DBS - 611 Drums 3 - Acoustic Drums 1
    DBS - 612 Drums 4 - (see post from 25. 07. 15)
    DBS - 701 Ethnic 1 - Shamisen 1
    DBS - 702 Ethnic 2 - Koto 1
    DBS - 703 Ethnic 3 - Phrase 1
    DBS - 801 Sound Effect 1 - Nature 1
    DBS - 802 Sound Effect 2 - Animals & Human 1
    DBS - 803 Sound Effect 3 - Machine 1
    DBS - 901 Mixed Sound 1 - Orchestra Hit 1

    WXTX Library
    WXTX 001 Cer Flute
    WXTX 002 Silver Flute
    WXTX 003 Tenor Sax
    WXTX 004 Trumpets
    WXTX 005 Clarinet
    WXTX 006 Double Reed
    WXTX 007 Sopran Sax
    WXTX 008 Low Brass
    WXTX 009 Violins
    WXTX 010 Synths


  • Sonus

    Yamaha OS 'missing file wave'

    If sample names are changed because of illegal characters,
    the setup file also must be adjusted to load the samples
    or else original sample names should be restored.

    SD030YE.S01 E/ A/ D/ G/ H/ ... original sample names
    SD030YE.Wxx E- A- D- G- H- ... modified sample names
    My pleasure!

  • teacue

    Hi Sonus,

    Thanks for noticing this and for uploading the correct Yamaha img :-)
    I guess I forgot to correct the original Yamaha files as I converted them to img.
    And I even did not noticed that the Cyclone img was missing!

    I am aware of the problem with illegal characters and I had indeed to correct quite a lot of floppy files!
    I even had to use an old PC with Windows XP with a Floppy Drive in order to correct some files directly on the floppy with a floppy disk monitor!
    It reminded me of the C64 times back in the early 80s where everybody had to use and knew how to use a Disk Monitor ;-)

    For the sake of completeness here is a zip for the img in Cyclone format.
    sd030ye-clean-electric-guitars.zip(604kB, 2666 downloads)

    I hope I did not make more mistakes!
    I hope too one day someone will upload the missing disks ;-)

    Best regards

  • Sonus

    According to Yamaha's DBS list, there's no 406 nor 502 disk.
    DBS-501 disk is choir-2 while setup file is chorus-1.s01 ?
    Apparently errors were made during the compilation.
    Somebody there with DBS-105 Jazz Organ 1 ?

    inline image

    DBS-612 DRUMS 4
    27 files, 699.904 bytes
    See next post!
  • teacue

    Thanks Sonus for the dbs612 files.
    I converted the dsk files into img format.

    dbs612 (yamaha img):
    dbs612.zip(535kB, 2649 downloads)

    dbs612-drums4 (cyclone img):
    dbs612-drums4.zip(598kB, 2621 downloads)

  • teacue

    DBS-501 disk is choir-2 while setup file is chorus-1.s01 ? Apparently errors were made during the compilation.

    I am not sure if the Yamaha library has a consequent and consistent naming of disks and setup files.

    But the disk naming seems to have some consistency and it looks as if the DBS serie follows the SDL serie:
    SDL 1 "Piano 1" - DBS 101 "Piano 2"
    SDL 2 "Strings 1" - DBS 201 "Strings 2"
    SDL 3 "Brass 1" - DBS 304 "Brass 2"
    SDL 4 "Choir 1" - DBS 501 "Choir 2"
    SDL 5 "Guitar 1" - DBS 401 "Guitar 2"
    SDL 6 "Bass 1" - DBS 408 "Bass 2"

    The naming of the setup file may not be important.
    I just verified the files on my floppies and can't find an error.

  • Tomás Mulcahy

    Thank you for all of these disks, fantastic.

  • Joerg Knitter

    Getting inspired by a forum thread about old sampler sound ressources, I also decided for collecting and sorting the TX16W library disks (like I did before with the SY99 disks; I never had an original TX16W, but apart from Cyclone, the TX16W samples can be also loaded into the SY99).
    I am really thankful for the ressources here and the links posted to the The Muki Pakesch Archive Backup. I also found the X-Club disks at vspace.it, and there is a small set of DX7 samples at bjoern.com.

    However, I found a few inconsistencies or minor "errors", also in the files posted here (e.g. in the Yamaha directory, DBS-104a is in Typhoon format). And looking further in other download ressources, you will find a lot of duplicates - simply renamed commercial sets that makes distinguishing between "official" and "user" disks quite difficult.

    Looking for duplicates, I decided to take the file-based approach, because even if the files are the same, they might have positioned differently in floppy image files, so the files are not comparable anymore. Also, the image files here have been created with WinImage, and as far as I know, the original OS only accepts disks that have been formatted on the TX16W.
    So I extracted all available image files from here and other sites. I use binary comparison tools, because file names can be arbitrary. Also, like posted before, because of the renamed waveform files to comply with MS-DOS filename character restrictions.

    Nevertheless, something that really drives me mad is the fact, that if you compare the audio files from different archives, the header of a TX16W wave file might contain 6 different bytes at the beginning, althought the rest of the both files is completely the same. So, a binary comparison would not be possible for identifying these duplicates.
    The "Audio File Format Ressourceguide 1.1", found as "affr.pdf" in the Muki Pakesch Archive Backup, calls this 6 bytes "dummy_aeg" with the description: "space for the AEG (never mind this)". A few files have here "00 00 7E 7E 7E 7E", A-Wave Studio writes "00 00 7F 7F 7F 7F", but most of the time, you find different values (e.g. set from here "Yamaha SDL-1 - Piano 1", "EPF3.W20": "3F 3F 6B 19 00 33"; Muki Pakesch Archive: "3F 3F 74 22 00 3C"). I have also seen differences in "copies" of Yamaha Library disks in the X-Club Library.

    Sonus told me in the Yamaha forum that this "Dummy-AEG" stores the envelope of a sample when it is edited in voice mode. So, it only seems be of no/low use when you export a sample to or from a different format. Or is this EG information also written in one of the other files?
    Because in the meantime, I have written a tool that "cleans" the header to "00 00 7E 7E 7E 7E", that it helps to find duplicates in case of little deviations between two archives. But if it really isn´t "dummy" data, I would have to restore the original values.

    But which are the "original" values? If I read teacues post correctly, a lot of the data is from the original disks and not taken from any other download sources, where alternations could be possible.
    So, should I rely on the archives above, the Muki Pakesch archive (because it is older) or the files posted in another thread if I want to collect the "originals"?

    If the sorting is finished, I also want to post it to the public, having one archive with the "original" sets" and one with "user sets" (but without duplicates).

    P.S.: Unfortunately, I don´t have more disks to contribute to teacues archive (at least I haven´t found the missing files in the other archives).

  • Johan Brodd

    Thanks a bunch for these disk images. Started to load them in FL Studio and to save FST files one per disk with everything loaded. Loads everything without a hassle so far, and FAST!

    I took my time to put this beat together. Everything except drums comes from these disks. The drums are kinda weak imho.

    stars-up-above by johanbrodd

  • Tomás Mulcahy

    Woah, choir and strings especially are cool sounding. Nice work! Which patches are those?

  • CB Legacy

    Hi all,

    I have 502 floppy discs. Can anyone help me with how to upload them and what software to do so?

    Many thanks,


  • Tomás Mulcahy

    Do you have a floppy drive on your PC, or a USB floppy drive that can read DD disks? If so, it is straightforward. The TX16W uses DOS disk format, so it's the same as copying any other disk.

    1. Copy each disk to its own folder
    2. Go to http://soniccharge.com/floppybaker
    3. If there are already files in the box on the page, click remove all.
    4. Drag and drop the files you want to load to the big box page on the page.
    5. Click the smaller box at the top to enter a name for the floppy.
    6. Click bake .img file to bake and download the disk image file. In OS X it is also possible to mount .img files directly in Finder by simply double-clicking them.

    Most of these instructions are copied from the Cyclone FAQ here: http://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/431?page=all

    Enjoy! And please share any new sounds you discover :)

  • CB Legacy

    thx for the info. I have used Winimage and created images of all 5 disks and have zipped them into one file. I want to share like you have posted above so how would I upload a zip file to share? I thought of using my dropbox account but I'm on a Windows XP machine so thats a no go.
    Best wishes,
    Sam... and as i write this message I notice the "attach a file" link... facepalm

  • Tomás Mulcahy

    Good idea, Winimage is much more efficient :) You can post a dropbox link too, it is cross platform. 5 disks? Not 502?

  • CB Legacy

    Ok I will try later. It's the Jazz pack of 5 disks made up of 58, 62, 79, 81. The collection is 16W502. These may have been included in the previous collection, I haven't looked at those yet.
    Best wishes,

  • Tomás Mulcahy

    Ah, cool!

  • Tim Ryan

    Aeolian_Cyclone_Collection.zip(169MB, 4220 downloads)
    Hi everyone.

    I downloaded Cyclone a few months ago, and then came here and downloaded every tx disk linked on this site, plus a few more besides.

    They were full of dupes, corrupt, voiceless wavs.
    Some were a total mess.

    Anyway, fast forward a few months and I now have a pretty complete tx library, in fxp format, and I'd love to share that here :)

    No dupes or corrupted disks.
    All in fxp format for instant loading.
    All are "ready to play"
    I've even included a txt file that contains a full list of all performances, categorized by disk (thousands).

    Thanks to the devs for releasing this utterly killer plugin.
    I've learned so much about sampling, just by going through and fixing up some of these disks.

    My personal favourites are
    R&d UK - syn set
    Yam dbs 209 - viola
    Dbs 104 - piano 3
    The bjoern dx7 disks
    Synthzone - dreamsyn
    The R8 drum disks

  • Magnus Lidström

    Impressive Tim! That is going to be so convenient. I'll check out your favorites too. I don't think I have heard all of those.

  • Mo'Cheez

    Hey! I'm new to Cyclone, but already so deeply in love with it (to the point I'm considering buying a real TX16W…), and even though I'm not new at computer music, that .fxp stuff got me puzzled. I think I know this extension from my Cubase days but how the heck do I load these in Cyclone, whatever the DAW?

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Mo'Cheez wrote:
    Hey! I'm new to Cyclone, but already so deeply in love with it (to the point I'm considering buying a real TX16W…), and even though I'm not new at computer music, that .fxp stuff got me puzzled. I think I know this extension from my Cubase days but how the heck do I load these in Cyclone, whatever the DAW?

    Sorry, but Cyclone itself does not have a function to import .fxp files, you need to do it through your DAW. Which DAW do you use?

  • Mo'Cheez

    I used to use Cubase Studio a lot, but since I upgraded to a newer Mac OS, it is no longer working (and Steinberg they charge too much for an upgrade). I've been using Akai MPC software ever since I bought the MPC Renaissance and sometimes Logic Pro X (but I don't really like it). I do have a fresh OS X Lion install on another drive, though, where my Cubase Studio 4 could certainly work… Would that help?

  • Magnus Lidström

    I am not familiar with the AKAI software. It loads VSTs right? Not Audio Units? If so, is there no way to load an .fxp in it?

    Regarding the AU version of Cyclone (e.g. if you use Logic) I just discovered some bad news. Cyclone is flagged to convert .fxb's and not .fxp's. So it is not currently possible to convert all these .fxp's to .aupreset format. Sorry about that. Cyclone doesn't have more than one .fxp in an .fxb so it feels like a mistake on my part.

  • Magnus Lidström

    There is a workaround for loading these .fxp's in the Audio Unit version of Cyclone. It involves a bit of hacking. You need to right-click the Cyclone.component file under /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ and choose Show Package Contents. Next open the Info.plist file in the Contents folder with a text-editor. Replace the following lines:




    Next place all the .fxp's in ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Sonic Charge/Cyclone and when you launch the Audio Unit all .fxp's will be converted to .aupresets. You should be able to load these from the standard preset menu in your DAW.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Mo'Cheez

    You don't have to be sorry! It's already an awesome piece of software, just as is… If your workaround works it will, of course, save me the hassle of floppy loading times, which is cool. I'll give Cubase a try anyway.
    MPC software uses VST's and AU's but is sometimes handling presets strangely. Some plugins don't even have their usual presets dop-down menus when used in MPC ;-)

  • Mo'Cheez

    Your Logic workaround works! Thanks again!

  • Tomás Mulcahy

    Very cool. Thank you :)

  • teacue

    - Tim Ryan wrote:
    Aeolian_Cyclone_Collection.zip(169MB, 4220 downloads)

    Really great work!
    Thanks a lot :-)

  • anilnc

    Hi, Thanks a lot for this development. And also to share these sound banks. Will check them now. :)

  • Niels Willemse

    How does this all work? I recently got the Cyclone vst and now i have downloaded some disks but then i am stuck.

  • Ali de Nada

    - Tim Ryan wrote:
    Aeolian_Cyclone_Collection.zip(169MB, 4220 downloads)

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for this, looks really cool :)

    I own a real tx16w and am wondering how I could add this to my usb stick. (I replaced the floppy drive with a gotek usb drive). The ones that work and are on my usb drive, are the standard img files. Any tips are much appreciated. Unfortunately couldn't find a way to convert fxp to img.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ali de Nada

    Teacue, do you maybe know how to convert this fxp file into a img file to be used in a hardware tx16w? Any help appreciated :)

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    Here are some new fxp. files (707,808,909,303,pro 5) since some of the ones above posted were missing a lot of drumsounds ..
    These are from the Muki Pakesch Archive Backup , both under the yamaha and typhoon drums directory ..
    Here are the full classic roland kits , 303 is monophonic only ( obviously )
    presets.rar(5.03MB, 1152 downloads)

  • Tim Wilson

    Hi, I'm looking for help on how to convert original Yamaha TX16W discs to a format that will load into Cyclone. Using the "Baker", I seem to just get wave files, but none of the other parameters for voice, performance, etc. Would really appreciate help, and would be happy to share what I have, there are some I have I haven't seen here. thank you.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    If the floppies were saved with the original Yamaha OS and not Typhoon, then try Utility > 8. Import

  • Tim Wilson

    I assume you mean on the hardware version of the TX16W, since I don't see that option on the emulator. If this is true, I would assume that after importing the original Yamaha disc and having it converted to Typhoon format, I could then save a floppy of the Typhoon version and use that in the floppy baker to create a version that would work with the emulator. Correct?

  • Tim Wilson

    OK, I finally figured this out, I just wasn't seeing the "import" option before. Thanks for your response.

  • ronny gärdh

    I nowdays have a Gotek in my TX16W. Do anyone know if it is possible to convert old TX16W performances to Typhoon?
    I know it is possible to load raw files with Import* but I wonder if you can import/convert or load performances because this is a hell to create that multisampled instruments with all "breakpoints" and so on.

    Q2: I have to admit it was surely 2 decades I worked with my TX16W in detail, but as I remember when you place the samples on keyboard as multisamples it was not possible with Typhoon to have them overlapped?
    Wave1 from C1-H1
    Wave2 from C2-H2

    With Yamaha OS you could do this (as I remember at least):
    Wave1 from C1-E2
    Wave2 from G1-E3
    They overlap but you could set i.e. Wave1 to fade out with start of i.e. C2 and Wave2 to start fade in at G1.

    Edit: hehe, found another meny, Import that convert it all, sorry.

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