MicroTonic - Play the same Drum patch for each key

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  • Nowhk

    Hi there,

    I'm linking an arpeggiator (C0 to C8) that play MIDI notes in this range. I'd like to link a single Microtonic Drum patch for the whole key-range, so that drum patch is always triggered.

    Is there a way to do this?

  • Nowhk

    No way for doing this? Could just be added a start note/end note for each drum patch?
    So I can set C0-C8 for example to the first...

  • Magnus Lidström

    If you put Microtonic into "pitched mode", each drum channel will play on the entire keyboard range of MIDI channels 1 to 8. But they will be transposed according to the MIDI note. If you don't want that (that is, if you want the same pitch on all MIDI notes) I think some kind of MIDI transformer plug-in might be your only option. Which DAW are you using?

  • Nowhk

    FL Studio 12, and yes using Patcher and some fancy VFX plugs I can achieve what I'm looking for. I was hoping MicroTonic can do this without any additional tools...

    No way to get an additional option such as "Keep root note" near the Pitched mode? Would be fantastic!

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