i suffered from payment issues when I tried to order Echobode

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  • sylvially Brant


    I only use two payment processors and that's PayPal and Payza. If Payza is no longer available for the time being, then I'll just stick to PayPal.However, I suffered some problems when i try to add funds on my blance via both payza and paypal when I tried to order Echobode .Firstly when i try to add money with payza I get message that Payza don't allow you to receive funds. So OK maybe you are still in verification process and after that I try to add money with paypal when I click on paypal icon and choose amount to add I got message from paypal website that I need to enter my paypal secure ID not my account ID?! Anyone has the same experience?How can the problem be solved?if necessary,i have to choose another payment method. I am actively looking for alternatives, but I would choose check before I consider any others.My friend recommended me a new payment processor---Epay global payment, which has claimed that it's free to pay and get paid via www.epay.com. And my friend told me that we can get paid in the form of commission from their referral program via epay. I gonna to try, and i wonder if it operate in my country and can i add epay as a pay option here? Can the admin give me an answer?

  • Fredrik Lidström


    Sorry to hear about your problems. We use FastSpring as our online reseller for all our products. As far as I know they do not support neither Epay or Payza. Where did you see the Payza option?

    Looking through the failed orders log I do not see any purchase tries that match yours. This means that no money transaction was even tried. Can you please tell me exactly the steps you take (what page do you start on?) and where it goes wrong.

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