Request for more program change slots and storing morph settings

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  • transwagon

    Hi Magnus,

    first of all: I love, love, love the Microtonic. For me it is one of the best plugins out there.
    I have two urgent requests though :-)

    1. would it be possible to implement all the program-change-slots that are midi-wise available (128)? The way I set up my dj-set in ableton is to load a different Microtonic-preset for each song via program change. In some tracks I even use more than one preset for key changes for example. So with the current 16 slots I'm running out of program-change-slots very fast and have to do tedious workarounds.
    1. It would be awesome if morph settings were stored inside presets. The way I'm using the morph slider is on the left side is the actual beat and on the right side is a crazy musical supplement which usually is tuned to the song. My workaround right now is to first store the right side and than the left side which is kind of nerve wrecking ;-)
  • timbralzoom

    +1 for the native 128 program change... would be fantastic!
    here is what i dreaming:
    create a folders that contains 128 presets each,
    load one of them as we do currently,
    but with ability to take them as a new preset set automatically/alphabetically
    and just save your song the next opening still ready to go with same preset set?!

    i can of course save as host's (Reaper) native preset sets but the thing is i can only save one bank,
    and opening / loading & switching becomes really hard...

    this might be unnecessarily pushing but...
    would be amazing also send current preset name to the host
    (if this kind of Midi communication with the host possible of course)

    here is what i am trying to do currently:
    all sounds comes from uTONIC only one kick and one snare extra one of the videos.
    still under construction
    two of the very early tests:

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    and it will be something like this when i finish to add fx,sends,buses etc.

    YouTube Video

    and as a final example
    automating program changes via Reaper

    YouTube Video

    Warm Regards

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