microtonic au crashes new logic pro 10.2

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  • Knut Kaulke

    I've installed the new logic pro version 10.2 and every time microtonic 3.1.1 crashes logic. could anybody confirm that behavior?
    I'm on mac os 10.10.5
    Logic Pro X_2015-08-26-143217_Knuts-MacBook-Pro.crash(101kB, 707 downloads)
    thanks knut

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi Knut,

    Thank you for the crash report. Unfortunately I am not able to replicate your problem on my end (using the exact same versions as you). I also cannot see anything involving Microtonic in the crash report that could have been the cause of the crash. Can you replicate the problem on a new project just adding Microtonic? If so, could you save and upload that project file so I can test loading it.

  • Knut Kaulke

    yes, after starting a new logic project with microtonic au it works fine but it seems crashes my old project. should i send you the problematic logic song?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Looking at the crash log it does not look like it is related to Microtonic. However I get the same crash in my 10.2 when loading your document and after some testing I can indeed confirm that it is related to loading the plugin.

    I searched the Logic forums to see if this was a common problem and found that you are not alone getting crashes when loading old projects. The general suggestion is to go to audio preferences inside Logic and turn off core audio (this will disable all AU plugins). Then load the project, turn core audio on again and save the project. Fingers crossed it should not crash next time you load it up.

    I am still curious if you only get this problem with Microtonic? If you have time, could you test just disabling Microtonic inside the Plug-in Manager? Do you have any other project saved with 10.1 that you can test as well?

  • Knut Kaulke

    yes, it works! thank you!:)

    I've loaded older projects too and there isn't another plugin which caused a logic crash.

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