Which embed-player do you use on your site?

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  • Carsten Johannesen

    I am a happy user of your products.
    And just visited the site again to see if echobode was something for me, and noticed that your demos are running in a very nice audio-player on your site... is that a bespoke one you use, or is it available for us mere mortals?
    I am used to seeing SoundCloud embeds on most other sites for audio demos.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey, nice that you like the audio player. Last year I looked around for a good HTML5 player to use (as we wanted to get rid of the flash only player). I never found one to suite our needs so I ended up writing one from scratch.

    It is a light-weight javascript player with only jQuery requirements. Unfortunately it is a bit embedded into my whole site framework and not seperated or packaged as a product itself, but I don't think it would be that hard to break it free. It also uses my own ajax-navigation code to allow it to remain at the bottom and play between page-loads to let users browse around while playing audio.

    It loads it's playlist from a JSON source but it does require the audio to already have been converted to both m4a and oga to work in all modern browsers. It also requires the spectrum image to be pre-rendered as I found this to be much easier and more reliable to do once on the server instead of letting all client browsers generate it from audio. Server routines run on a Windows server but I only use open source tools like sox, ImageMagick and ffmpeg, which are all available on multiple platforms.

  • Carsten Johannesen

    Cool thanks for the abundant info :-)
    Luckily I make my bread as a daytime coder, so I understood what you are talking about (coding mainly webpages for a tv-station, in asp.net but also with javascript, jquery and ajax. We also use ffmpeg for grabbing stills from our web-broadcasts).
    And the spectrum image is a really nice touch.
    Btw. I think ill buy echobode it really seems like a cool device for my music, alongside TAl-dub1,2,3, I also have FabFilter Timeless but is almost too overwhelming in features, and sometimes too hard to use. The 'dubs are nice and simple when you need the dubby echoes, and i like the thought of having another easy-to-use delay device which can go over the top with interesting effects, and there Echobode seems to fit the bill :-)

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