Windows 10 compatibility

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  • Carsten Johannesen

    I am considering upgrading my system from windows 7 to windows 10.
    I am running ableton live 9 32-bit on windows 7-64 bit.
    Ableton says: no problem just check your 3rd party VSTs individually.
    So are your VSTs windows 10 compatible?
    My primary interest are Microtonic and Synplant which I own and possibly Echobode which I may soon purchase...
    I am planning to run 32-bit Ableton and VSTs on windows 10- 64 bit.

  • Neil Mitchell-Goodson

    Haven't tested 32bit, but everything is fine on x64, Live 9.2 & Windows 10. Had to reauthorise after upgrading Win8 to Win10, but no issues detected with any of the SC plugins.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes, we're Windows 10 compatible. Have personally not found any problems and no user error reports so far.

  • Carsten Johannesen

    Have upgraded now - no problem with Synplant and microtonic other than you have to reenter code and credentials (they went back to demo mode)

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