Microtonic: if there is anybody recreated vintage rhythm-boxes (CR78, Hohner etc)?

Valery Kondakoff611 views4 posts
  • Valery Kondakoff


    Just wandering: if there is anybody who recreated vintage rhythm-boxes patterns and sounds (CR78, Hohner Rhythm etc) using Microtonic? Willing to share?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Magnus Lidström

    What a great idea. I've done one attempt at 808, but nothing else. There is a preset called Eight-O-8 included with the factory presets. It might be a good starting point for a 606 for example. I'd also love to hear someone do a CR-78. Shouldn't be impossible I think.

  • Valery Kondakoff

    Yes, please!.. There should be a bank "Vintage drum machines" or something like this...

  • Francois BUAT


    I sell right now some equipment.
    I have a Keio/Korg Minipops... Also and old famous drum machine.

    YouTube Video

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