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  • Adarsh Narayanan


    I'm running 1.2.2 Synplant on first logic 9.1.8 and now ableton 9.1.6. They were fine till recently when they had the following problem:

    (Note: already checked - this is not a problem with midi settings)

    There is no audio output. From the time I open the plugin, from t = 0s till t = 1s, anything that is played can be heard decreasing in volume and pitch, until, after one second, you cannot hear any note that is played. You can see the branches swaying and the light indicating that the note is playing, but you cannot hear anything. Not a midi problem, settings are correct. Midi input is set to any. In order to 'reset' the plugin, you have to either:
    -change the preset
    -click stop/play in DAW
    -switch out to a different plugin and switch back in

    This problem exists across all presets from various banks and in logic pro 9.1.8 and ableton live 9.1.6. I am running OS X 10.10.4.

    Please help me, Synplant is one of my most staple plugins!



  • Fredrik Lidström


    Sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing. I tried to check if your license looked correct on our side, but I can not find any Synplant license under your account. I also searched under your full name and similar emails and came up empty.

    If you have purchased a Synplant license, could you please contact us with your purchase details using the contact form.

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