Microtonic FR: lock for master level knob

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  • AB459

    Please add some lock feature for master level knob, well, for during change presets the output level would not have to change back every time. Imo it would be quite useful.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Feature request noted.

    I am not sure I want to go as far as remove the master level entirely from the preset data, but it is not entirely inconceivable since all factory presets use the exact same master level.

    In the beginning the factory presets varied a lot in level and the master level knob was used to normalize each preset. Later on I made a normalization script that instead changed each drum channel level accordingly and all factory presets got a standardized master level.

  • AB459

    Magnus ofcourse i mean do it as optional feature (just a on\off lock on the volume knob, with user required level which is needed at the moment, for not to using the mixer fader in daw).
    But sometimes the original volume level of preset is also interesting\useful.

    I.e. I am against any hard limiting (which not able to disable :D )

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yeah, sorry, I did understand you meant it as optional. I was just thinking ahead and out loud. The master level serves two different purposes (if I may continue thinking out loud):

    1) To normalize and standardize preset volumes.
    2) To choose (and automate) listening / playback volume.

    The former should be part of the preset data and the latter shouldn't.

    Now there is a problem as I see it with having the same knob serve both purposes (using a "lock" feature). If you first use the master level to normalize various presets and later lock this knob to fixate playback volume, presets would play unnormalized and you would end up with different playback volumes anyhow.

    Locking the volume knob only works if the presets have already been normalized using the drum channel levels, which is exactly what I have done to all factory presets already (and all Patternarium presets too for that matter). And if you have done this, you don't need the volume knob to be part of the preset data at all.

    This problem is not unique to Microtonic either. People have asked for locks on the mix knobs on Echobode and Permut8 also. And I feel the same there that it really ought to be different knobs, one that is set per preset and one that is set per project / automated etc. But I don't want to clutter our user interfaces with too many knobs. I would prefer a better solution.

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