Microtonic start playing the pattern, when adjusting volume on my Nord Lead 4

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  • Carl Hammarlund

    So, My problem is that when adjusting volume on my NordLead 4 in the middle of a song, Microtonic starts playing the pattern. Not very convenient. By turning down the volume I see that when passing 50%, the pattern stops. And when increasing the volume above 50%, it starts playing again.
    Ive checked the MidiConfig Keys and there is no key mapped to the "Play" button.

    Help me AnyoneKenobi, you`re my only hope.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Which DAW? Almost sounds to me like the volume fader on Nordlead gets "auto mapped" by your host to the play/stop parameter in Microtonic?

  • Carl Hammarlund

    Im using Cubase 7.5. I believe you are partly right Magnus. I found that the Microtonics-track have Quick Controls assigned to it, however after removing the QC it still activates the Microtonics "play" and "stop" when changing the volume. Any help appreciated.

  • Carl Hammarlund

    Yes! Finally! There is a function in Cubase called "Remote Control Editor". I had to remove that single knob in the editor. Now it doesnt start/stop the pattern anymore.
    So now everyone knows that :).

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