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  • luki

    Hello Microtonics.
    Im looking for a script like the "Generate Scale" script with the difference that the current selected drumchannel dont be copied to all channels.
    Like this
    channel 1 +0
    channel 2 +2
    channel 3 +3
    channel 4 +5 semitones an so on.
    can somebody help.
    Thank a lot

  • Magnus Lidström

    That is actually super-easy. On line 41 in the "Generate Scale" script there is a clone statement. Remove it and the sounds will be left unmodified, only transposed.

    I have attached the modified script for you.

    Generate Scale No Copy.pika(1.52kB, 678 downloads) (1516Bytes)

  • luki

    Thank you very much. I m happy now.

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