Windows 10 "update" 1511 triggered re-authorization

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  • JimStrider

    Just an FYI - Windows 10 "update" 1511 triggered re-authorization for my SonicCharge products. The authorization routine now tells me I have authorized 4 computers. In reality I have only authorized 2; the one previous to my current machine, and my current machine 3 times; Win 8.1 (new), again after the Win 10 upgrade, and a third time now, after the Win 10 1511 "update".

    Just don't want you thinking I'm trying to scam your excellent software.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    No worries, we know that software updates and significant hardware changes will give your Windows a new unique machine identifier. Since the license is personal and also allows you to install on all of the computers that you own, under normal use, you would never reach any licensing limit for our software. In the rare occasions that this has happened, we always try to contact the owner to sort out what is going on.

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