Microtonic Morph automation not recording

sxip shirey124 views3 posts
  • sxip shirey

    in Ableton OSX.

    Is this a common problem?

    How do I solve this? I can draw it in of course, it just wont record the changes in the silder as I play it.


  • Magnus Lidström

    Odd. Are you using AU or VST? I just tried it in Live 9 with both the VST and AU versions and it recorded both fine. However the AU also recorded all parameters that were morphed which isn't what you want normally. (I think I know why, and it is unavoidable if the AU should pass "AUVal". Just use the VST version in Live :) )

  • Gene Sxip Shirey

    I am using AU, I will try using the VST version and see what happens, thanks!

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