Bitspeek Registration name/e-mail or key is incorrect

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  • Chop Can

    Im literally copying and pasting my manual info data on the "click to register" window on bitspeek and it keeps giving me that message
    I have already tried the Sonic Charge Authenticator and its still on demo mode.
    is there something wrong with the info i have?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Tested your registration details and they work fine on Windows at least. Are you sure you are using Bitspeek 1.5? The GUI should have 5 knobs.

  • Chop Can

    All right, I had the v1.02xxx installed and now I removed it. But now the vst doesnt appear no matter how much I scan the VSTPlugIns folder.. maybe it has soemthing to do with Acid pro?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Did you make sure you installed the 32-bit version of Bitspeek? I am pretty sure that Acid pro is 32-bit only. I could be wrong tho, because I do not use it myself.

  • Chop Can

    Yes that was it!
    I only checked the 64-bit when installing.
    Thanks so much

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