Microtonic Feature request: vst parameters for switching drum patches

Alexey Ivanov174 views3 posts
  • Alexey Ivanov

    Please, please please!!! Add few vst parameters (1 per drum) for switching drum patches. It allows use Ableton Push encoders for switching patches. This will make Push + microtonic to powerfull drum machine.
    I think it is not difficult because count of patches is known in advance.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Request noted. The tricky part would be that switching drum patches is a GUI-operation. It needs to be initiated and performed from the non "real-time" GUI-thread and not by the audio processing thread. In Synplant we have implemented something along this line. We allow MIDI events to be passed to the GUI to trigger some user actions (like loading patches from disk), but this means that the plug-in window needs to be open to perform these actions.

  • Alexey Ivanov

    Thank you for reply!
    Yes you are right. it is impossible to change vst parameters if editor window closed. Damn! Keep plugin windows always open is bad solution, I think :(

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