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  • Markus Herring


    Firstly I love MT3 it has to be said

    But! as a new User some tutorials would be great e.g how to create kicks,snares,claps,hats from scratch.
    I've looked at the pointblank course videos online and they actually have this as part of the course which im looking to attend at some point! So i can only hear the results but they sound amazing!

    YouTube Video

    What i want is to really create a great minimal kit



  • Markus Herring

    Guess im on my own on this one then!

  • nanotron

    Before attending an advanced course like that, check what you can learn yourself
    a) by experimenting with existing sounds,
    b ) google/wiki/youtube search for keywords you don't understand: what is 'attack', 'release', 'oscillerator', 'transient' (that's what the noise is for ;) ), 'waveform', 'saw', 'EQ' etc. and for 'rhythm', '4tothefloor', 'swing', 'triplets'

    c) analize existing presets and patches
    d) experiment some more
    e) go back to d)

    then you can do the same with 'mixing', 'compression' and so on.

    And then you can make the most of a course like above.

    P.S. : ยต-Tonic is definitely not analog = hardware drumcomputer. It is a digital sound processing software plugin. :rolleyes:

  • Markus Herring

    Thanks David,

    Much appreciated response

    Sound advise... literally!

    Markus :D

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