Microtonic won't load in Renoise 3.0

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  • Kosta Bouma

    Hi! I recently ordered a license for the latest Microtonic. I have tried both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions in Renoise (64 bit, but it includes a bridge for 32 bit plugins) and both give me the same error message after the plugin is properly installed.

    This is all rather odd, because when I previously installed the demo version of Microtonic (I believe roughly a year ago?), it would install and run without a hitch. On the same computer with the same version of Renoise.

    The error message I get is included as an attachment.

    Edit: I see that attached files don't show up in this post, unfortunately. A little box pops up that says 'Failed to innitialize the plugin 'VST: Sonic Charge Microtonic'.

  • Kosta Bouma

    I also tried Microtonic in Reaper, it doesn't work in it either. When scanning for plug-ins, it says "Plug-in 'Microtonic.dll' executed invalid operation during scanning.'.

  • Kosta Bouma

    Update; I've tried installing Microtonic 3.0.1 instead, but it doesn't recognize my registration key.

    Edit: last update. Got it to work by finding an old setup file for Microtonic from when I demoed it on my pc.

  • Magnus Lidström

    What was the conclusion here exactly, that the latest version (3.0.1) of Microtonic doesn't work on your setup, but an older version (which?) does?

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