Ableton Live 9 Microtonic program change problem

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  • Greg Killmaster


    I'm using Ableton Live 9.5 on a iMac (i7 fairly new).

    I'm having 2 issues that I can't figure out:

    I put Microtonic on a track and create an empty clip. I enable allowing of program changes in "MIDI Config..." (all other parameters are default)
    I load a pattern from my Patternarium Folder
    I increment Pgm Change in the live in the clip
    Microtonic changes presets but skips all around in and out of different folders and not just my Patternairum folder. this doesn't seem right. There isn't any discernable pattern I so I can tell how its choosing what patch to switch to. How does Microtonic choose the next program? Am I doing something wrong?

    I go into "Edit MIDI CC /Keys" and assign C1 to program change. I test to see if Live is receiving this note on the Microtonic track and it is. However, it is not switching programs.

    thanks for any help here. Spent a lot of time but to no avail,

    Greg K.

  • Greg Killmaster

    Also, after a clean install, I end up with 2 preset directories:

    Microtonic Drum Patches
    Microtonic Presets

    And many of the files in these directories are duplicates. Could this be messing things up?

  • Greg Killmaster

    Sure would like to find out a way around this. Wether its a bug or user error. Sorry if I'm just being dense.

  • Neil Mitchell-Goodson

    1) Select Program 1. Load a preset - this will then occupy Program Bank#1. Repeat for any others you want to use in the Program Bank.
    2) Assign Program change to lowest midi note (C1). This means that when your Live clip plays C1, it will correspond to Program#1. C#1 will correspond to Program#2, D1=Program#3, etc.

    Folders are for drum patches (e.g. a single drum sound) and presets (a collection of 8 drum sounds, e.g a whole kit, plus patterns). A Program bank contains the preset plus any morph information, patterns, global parameters, etc. Check the settings to choose which Program Bank is loaded on startup, it defaults to the last 16 used, but you can have it load with no programs if you want - the manual contains more info on this.


  • Greg Killmaster

    O Thanks!! This helped me figure out what I was doing wrong!

    1) I was thinking that the patterns would be incremented within the directory of the preset I chose, but, it increments through the preset list within Microtonic! I get this now.

    2) Ok, this works as expected now. I swear it wasn't working before. I even tried the assignement in the Microtonic pre-defined midi note range and it works.

    most appreciate the response...

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