Microtonic's Start and Stop can't be controlled with a CC?

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  • Keith Dixon

    There doesn't seem to be an option to control Stop and Play with a CC, is that correct? Or am I missing something? There only seems to be an midi note option.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately Microtonic is a bit restrictive with which parameters you can map to CC and which you can map to notes. The play/stop button is one of those that only works with MIDI notes. I understand your request though. Point taken.

    Play/stop is however mapped to a VST parameter to make it possible to automate starting and stopping. If your DAW allows it you might be able to map MIDI CC to that VST parameter outside of Microtonic. Which host do you use?

  • Keith Dixon

    Thanks. Yeah, I see it as a Midi Assignment parameter in Cantabile; I've tried that, but with no success so far. How come the controls are separate in the GUI but combined, Play/Stop, in the VST parameter? Regardless, I'll take another look and see if there's something I can adjust on my Roland A-800. . . but, this is a setback and could be a deal-breaker, some of Microtonic's competition doesn't have this, seemingly simple, limitation.

  • Magnus Lidström

    I agree it is confusing. Behind the scenes, starting and stopping is controlled with a single parameter. There are four different settings: stop immediately (0.0), stop at next bar (0.33), start at next bar (0.66) and start immediately (1.0).

    In the GUI this was split into two buttons already in Microtonic version 1 (which didn't have any MIDI mapping support btw). Click once on a button to start or stop at next bar. Click twice to start or stop immediately. The output from the GUI is still a change to one single parameter.

    I believe it was first in Microtonic v3 I decided to let you click these GUI buttons with MIDI notes. I don't recall, but probably simply couldn't decide how it would work if you mapped it to CC instead of notes (e.g. would you want to control the one 0, 0.33, 0.66, 1.0 parameter, or have two different CC's for the two different buttons).

    I simply left it at supporting MIDI notes only. It has always been possible to trigger and start individual patterns with MIDI notes in Microtonic, so I opted for some consistency there I guess.

    But your request is noted of course.

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