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  • DroidMW

    Hi guys...

    I'm confused. I just purchased Permut8 today on PIB and started to watch some videos on your hp. I also own your other products and they belong to my all time favourites. Just for fun I decided to watch the intro video of Microtonic (perhaps the most used and beloved plugin that I own) and I couldn't believe my eyes. In this old intro video there is a button (a gearwheel) on the upperleft of Microtonic that I believe I have never seen before. I instantly started my DAW + Microtonic, but that button is defintively missing. I want to have all the cool features like "Generate Scale" and "Suggest Preset Name"... where can I find them? Please help!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Those are scripts. You can find them in the two highlighted topics at the top of the Microtonic forum page.

  • DroidMW

    Awesome... how could I miss that? Thanks a lot, Fredrik!

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