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  • brad apodaca

    I love µTonic! I've been using it since V1 and still use it often. The one thing I've always wanted was an envelope on the Noise section's filter. Even if it was attached to the Amp envelope that is already there. I'd be able to make some of those squirty old school electro snares and who knows what else.
    A more dynamic velocity lane would be cool too! Something more than just on/off so that I could do more programming in the sequencer and less in my host software.
    That's it really.
    I think that it's pretty much perfect otherwise. Simple and awesome!
    Thanks Magnus!!!


  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks for the feature suggestions. These are not bad ideas.

    Concerning feature suggestions in general, we are always eager to hear what you think of our products, and user feedback weighs in a lot when deciding on features for coming upgrades. So keep 'em coming. However, do not feel discouraged if we do not answer back as we can not even hint of promising anything regarding future features.

    Some people may misinterpret this as secrecy, but what it really comes down to is how I run Sonic Charge. That is, I change my mind a lot and late. Partly because I fear waking up to "another day at work" and that is what happens when you plan everything ahead. That job situation would not inspire me. So boy should you be glad that you are not working for me. :)

    (To be frank though I've never worked for a software company that doesn't change their mind a lot. I've probably just accepted it and made it into an official policy.)

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